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Welcome to Providence Vocational School

Founded in 1995, Providence Vocational School is a private vocational institution offering CNA Training Program in Daly City, California. The growing need for healthcare staff members requires better training programs. That is why we are here to offer training for many healthcare professionals to help them develop their skills and prepare them in delivering quality care for patients and beyond.

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Providence Vocational School educates and prepares students for certification. Our certification program is established under standards that meet the specific needs of health care recipients. The programs of the institution are intended for students who desire to become Certified Nursing Assistants and Home Health Aides and are motivated to render competent and efficient health care services.


Our goal is to guide students so they may learn how to offer not only correct but compassionate care. Nurse assistants can assist clients in reaching an optimum level of comfort, restoration, and wellness by providing tools that instructors can use.

Why attend Providence?

  • Competitive rates
  • Instructors who are well-trained, competent, and educated in the nursing field
  • Convenient location in Daly City with access to public transportation
  • Successful, happy, and satisfied graduates

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