Nurse Assistant | Nurse Assistant Training Program
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Prerequisite: High School Graduate or GED equivalent

This is a 160-hour course designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to render health care services to long-term care patients. The program requires 60 hours of theory or classroom instruction and 100 hours of supervised clinical training in a long-term care facility. After this course, students will be able to understand the role, function, and responsibility of a Nurse Assistant as a member of the health care team.

They will also be able to demonstrate competence and practice safety in performing patient-care procedures. Students who have completed the requirements are eligible to take the Nurse Assistant Competency Evaluation Program or State Examination. Successful examinees will receive Nurse Assistant Certificates issued by the State of California Department of Health Services, qualifying them to be employed as Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA’s) in different health care facilities.

The official Nurse Assistant Certificate will be mailed to successful examinees from the California Department of Health Services upon completion of a criminal background check. If CNA certificates are not received within 16 weeks of the date of the competency examination, students are advised to call the Department of Health Services at (916) 327-2445.

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