What Makes a Good Nursing Assistant?
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What Makes a Good Nursing Assistant?


A nurse assistant plays a crucial role in the healthcare industry, especially in caring for patients. They help them with bathing, eating, and more. Tacchus, it is important that they know how to be good at what they do.

As a leading nursing school in California, we can help you learn about the important skills that nursing assistants should possess. Below are some qualities that every nurse assistant must have:

  • Communication skills

    Good communication skills are necessary for nursing assistants in order to effectively communicate with their patients and provide all of the care they need.

  • Empathy

    Being able to fully step into their patients’ shoes is an essential that nursing assistants should have. By looking at their patients’ perspectives, nursing assistants will be able to fully understand their patients’ individual needs.

  • Attention to detail

    The likelihood of human error increases when there are several patients being cared for. A good nurse must be detail-oriented, even in a hectic setting, to ensure that instructions are carefully followed, that medication dosages are exact, and that records are kept accurately.

  • Teamwork skills

    When caring for patients, nursing assistants should always be prepared and willing to work together with other healthcare providers. Working with other professionals can help improve the patient’s medical care and health outcomes.

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